About this Site

This site is the first of its kind!

  Traditionally over the years Scientific Theories and Principles are published to Journals, Periodicals or even Books by themselves. To my knowledge this is the very first Substantial Scientific Principle ever published directly to the World Wide Web.

  The Principle of C+ is no ordinary Theory. The applications and implications are incredibly far-reaching. It applies equally to the Grand Scale of the Universe, as well as the Small Scale of the Subatomic Quantum world. A vast amount of accepted Physics Principles can now be far more clearly explained. C+ additionally sheds further light on the important interrelationships between these powerful fundamental Principles. ​

  This Website also serves a dual purpose. The first being the Scientific Principle itself. The second being an entirely new approach to the way Science is now done in general. Scientific knowledge should be completely free and readily available to all mankind. This is indeed why this Platform or Template is so incredibly important.

  Many Publications can indeed be very cost prohibitive to purchase, or for open source publishing, which can be cost prohibitive to the scientists themselves.  These archaic ways are especially true for Private Individuals, Small Libraries and even Underdeveloped Countries.  All of which can make genuinely substantial scientific contributions, regardless of their financial abilities!

  "Science must no longer be the Domain of the Affluent"!

  While this site requires a little bit of scientific knowledge, it is also my sincerest hope that it appeals to both the novice and the dedicated scientific community as well.

  With respect to novices, it is my belief that it will answer such questions as -

  • Why are black holes black?
  • What are gravitons and what are their implications?
  • What proofs do we have of this Principle?
  • Is space travel faster than light now possible?
  • What are the applications of this Principle?
  • With this knowledge where do we go from here?

  This Principle is the beginning point of a completely new field of Scientific Knowledge in general. 
It is also the beginning of a completely new approach, to all fields of science in general. It truly serves a two fold purpose. From now on all Scientific knowledge such as C+, must be freely available to anyone on the entire planet via the World Wide Web.



Professor Daniel J. Furmanek