About this Site

This site is the first of its kind!


  Traditionally over the years scientific theories are published to journals, periodicals or even books by themselves. To my knowledge this is the first substantial scientific theory ever published to the World Wide Web.

  Scientific knowledge should be completely free and readily available to all mankind. This is indeed why this Platform and Template is so very important.


  Many of these Publications can indeed be very cost prohibitive.  This is especially true for private individuals, small libraries and underdeveloped countries.  All of which could make  genuinely substantial contributions, given free access to cutting-edge Theories and Technologys.


  "Science must no longer be the domain of the Affluent!"

  It is my sincerest hope that all other scientists will now follow in my footsteps!

  While this site requires a little bit of scientific knowledge it is my sincerest hope that it appeals to both the novice and the dedicated scientific community as well.

  With respect to novices, it is my belief that it will answer such questions as -

  • Why are black holes black?
  • What are gravitons and what are their implications?
  • Can things travel faster than the speed of light?
  • What proofs do we have of this Theory?
  • What are the implications and applications of this Theory?
  • With this knowledge where do we go from here?

  Regardless if you agree with this theory it is the beginning point of a completely new field of Scientific Knowledge and a dialogue about the speed of light that needs to be explored. 

  It is also the beginning of a completely new way to approach the field of science in general.  From now on Scientific knowledge for the entire Planet must be freely available via the World Wide Web.

  It is my sincerest hope to inspire other Dedicated Scientists as well as the General Public with a new approach and a genuinely unique way of doing science!



Professor Daniel J Furmanek